About Conny Gyura

Conny Gyura has, for 12 years been running the Fit & Fight Gym in Ft. Lauderdale, and has also been the Host of Conny’s Health & Fitness Radio Show on WNN, Boca Raton. This has been a huge part of Conny’s recent life, but her path beforehand is what led her to create the Fit & Fight Gym in its current guise.

Born in 1967 in Mannheim, Germany, Conny was the IFBB German Fitness Champion in 1985 having dedicated her life to attaining outstanding and elite physical fitness. In 1986, Conny continued her outstanding performance by winning the 1986 IFBB Fitness European and World Championships. She also held the 1986 IFBB German Champion for Couples, while coming third in the World Championships for Couples in the same year.

1986 proved to be an incredible time in Conny’s career, and from 1987 she held the position of Cover Model for the European Health & Fitness Magazines, staying there for five years. She also worked as a Motivational Speaker on three continents, speaking all across Europe, in Kenya and in Tokyo about health and fitness. She also served as the 1987 Model of Guenther Blum, who has an Exhibition in MOMA New York.


It was at this time in 1987 that Conny started to work towards her new future, and in 1993 she graduated from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, with a Diploma in Economics. Until 1995 she served with the International Finance Commerzbank HQ in Frankfurt, before starting her own business in 1996.

In 1996, the first iteration of the Fit & Fight Gym was born in Weinheim, Germany. This was the beginning of what today runs as a hugely popular and successful Holistic Gym in the United States.

Conny has, in her 9 years as the owner of the Fit & Fight Gym, helped hundreds of people re-affirm their lives and their own perception of what is healthy and what they can do with their bodies with the right training, system and support provided.

If you would like to know more about Conny Gyura or would like to ask any questions, please contact Conny through the Contact Us page.


1985 IFBB German Fitness Champion

1986 IFBB Fitness European- and World Champion

1986 IFBB German Champion for Couples

1986 IFBB 3. Place World Championships for Couples

1987-1992 Cover Model for European Health & Fitness Magazines, Motivational Speaker all over Europe, Kenya (Africa), Tokyo, TV and Radio appearances in Germany, sponsored by Nike International and German Weider Nutrition MultiKraft

1987 Model of Guenther Blum (Series “Strong Women”), Exhibition in MOMA New York http://guenter-blum.com/

1993 Diploma in Economics (University of Heidelberg, Germany)

1993-1995 International Finance Commerzbank Headquaters Frankfurt

1996-2005 Owner of Fit & Fun Gym Weinheim, Germany

2005 Owner of Fit & Fight Gym Ft.Lauderdale / Pompano Beach, Florida and Holistic Celebrity Personal Trainer

2012-2016 Host of Conny’s Health & Fitness Radio Show on WWNN Boca Raton, nation wide

2016 Host of Conny’s IN THE MIX – Your Health & Your Money Show on Youtube