Don’t laugh….as a former IFBB Body Building World Champion and former top Fitness Model on magazine covers I AM addicted to sugar (chocolate, cookies, everything sweet). I am fighting it every single day, every single hour. Sometimes it is so bad that I give in and then there are days when I have no problems at all. To keep my weight in check I allow myself a fluctuation in a range of 5 pounds. I top it around Christmas time with my butter cookie intake. I found my solution in Juicing. I take a 6 day Juicing Habit Break, which comes with 2 days of horrible withdrawal symptoms like shaking hands and being aggressive. The third day it is gone. I feel so much better, energized and high powered. Also: when I am in “addiction mode” I am sleeping a lot. My body seems to need much more sleep when I eat badly. While I am juicing this is all gone: 7 hours of good night sleep, no naps in between and I feel just great.

There is not really a cure for that – and I am not giving up my sweets completely. I found out that the best solution for myself is to take 1 day off a week and eat what I want. On 6 days I am eating a lot of apples, strawberries, mangoes, bananas – they contain sugar too but are still much healthier than processed sugar. With all that fiber and my workout habit of 5 days a week for 45 minutes I am able to handle my body weight relatively well.

By the way: there are also salt and fat dependent people….. they fight the same feelings of addiction. The question is: are YOU strong enough to withstand all that garbage food offered around you (most of the time) ??