I am turning 50 next year, 2017 and I can see the changes of aging since 35.

With 35 I saw the first signs of cellulite on my butt – I NEVER had that, even though I was still working out six times a week. My nutrition did not change. That means: my metabolism started to slow down.

With 44 – I remember the exact day – I wanted to read my Wallstreet Journal and from one day to another I had to hold the newspaper much further to be able to read it. One day to the other. Can you believe that? So I got glasses and turned into a “Four Eye” for reading.

Now, with 49, I rduced my calorie intake by 30% just to keep my body weight constant. Guess what? constant body weight does not mean the same body structure. I see much less definition than before. I have to be careful that I don’t get sausage arms :-). In January 2016 I decided that I wanted to see what it takes to get back into my body shape I had with 25. It took me 4 weeks to get back into perfect shape: I could eat mainly just fruits and vegetables, no bread at all, no sweets – I thought I have to die – , dinner was only a salad or one avocado. Calorie intake around 1000, every day 30 min Cardio workout + 45 min weights. I was happy body wise and very disappointed food wise. There is NO WAY you can keep this regiment of nutrition just to look perfect, or you are an actor and make some Millions of $ (even then it’s hard).

So I got back to my healthy nutrition including some meat and fish, and I am “off my healthy nutrition” from Saturday afternoon till Sunday evening. I am 6 pounds above my perfect body weight and I don’t really care. I am not on stage anymore in a bikini.

But: what YOU should consider when you are aging is a workout combo of strength – balance-indurance. Weight Exercise is a MUST and not an option. Book Personal Training or Group Personal Training Sessions twice a week if you are not motivated enough on your own – most people are not! Add twice a week 30 min Power Walking, Cardio Machines or Aerobics for indurance and don’t forget daily 5 minute balance exercises like standing on one leg, Bosu Ball Balance, etc.

You feel lazy? Remind yourself: every function of your body declines 5% every 5 years and people lose 30% of their muscle mass during their lives. A healthy life style as described will keep you fit for years to come. When others need a cane  you will still be walking on your own, upright and healthy.

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