State of the Art Equipment

A boutique holistic Gym with state of the art equipment.

Weekly Workout Reminders

A unique weekly workout reminder system for every single member to stay motivated.

Free Towel

No need to bring your own towel or purchase any at our gym. We have clean towels at your disposal.

Disinfected Equipment

Our machines are always disinfected and we pride ourselves in having an extremely clean gym.


Reboot Cardio Classes


Thai Box Cardio

Since 2005 when Fit & Fight opened its doors hundreds of Clients got and get motivated and inspired to change their lifestyles by adding different kind of workouts into their lives.

Fit & Fight Holistic Gym offers Classes like Thai Boxing, Reboot Cardio Group Personal Training in the dark with a Laser Light Show and Walkercizing (walking with special poles) to improve your Heath and lose weight.

Personal Training is also a part of the Gym. The client can bring his own Personal Trainer or book Conny Gyura and join the advantages of a Boutique Holistic Gym, like clean towels, always disinfected equipment, and a fresh juice and protein bar. Fit & Fight Gym’s Motivation System is absolutely unique in the gym world: if you don’t show up one week, Conny will call , email, facebook you – wherever you are to come back to fulfill your gym commitment of minimum one workout per week.

Conny Gyura, IFBB Fitness German- European and World Champion finds ways to motivate you, you never dreamt of. Every single person gets her attention in the Gym.

Fit & Fight takes pride in not being overcrowded : ” we are not for everybody – Individuality is our Specialty”. When you are ready – we are ready.

Class Schedule

6.30am -7.15 Walkercising(open class) 6.30am -7.15 Walkercising(open class) 6.30am -7.15 Walkercising(open class) Boxing/Thai Box – Personal Training Only
8am-12.00 PT 8am-12.00 PT 8am-12.00 PT 8am-12.00 PT 8am-12.00 PT 8am-2.00 PT
Personal Training 7.00-8.00 pm Thai Box Cardio Personal Training 7.00-8.00 pm Thai Box Cardio
6.30pm-7.30pm     Walkercising 7.30-8.15 pm Reboot Cardio 6.30pm-7.30pm     Walkercising BEACH 7.30-8.15 pm Reboot Cardio Personal Training

Fit & Fight Gym Awards

2nd Best Gym in South Florida in 2012 Channel 10, Miami

One of the top Boutique Gyms in the United States (Club Solution Magazine,USA, December 2009)

Testimonials for Fit & Fight Gym

I love Fit & Fight Gym because it is a Boutique Gym catering to individuals not to crowds. Fitness Equipment is always working, never broken, very clean. The air when you enter Fit & Fight smells like a breath for fresh mountain oxygen. Which Gym has that? And: Conny always reminds me if I didn’t show up for my weekly workouts. She really cares about her members. That’s the reason why I am in such a good shape!
Dannielle Maddock

Vice President, World Diamond Source, Pompano Beach

More than a gym, it is a family!  Conny is a top notch trainer and takes a personal interest in all of her clients-caters to our personal fitness levels.  Nordic Walking and Cardio Reboot are also part of my weekly regime and classes are always kept fresh and challenging by Conny’s constantly changing up the routines.  Always clean and welcoming! I have been a member for over 7 years.

Pat Bleech