Everybody has back problems: young, old, older. What can we do?
Most of us have PC jobs, we are leaning forward for hours, curling in to read on our kindle, playing Candy Crush or watching TV. All this very bad for our back.
Most of us are not doing anything to strengthen our back muscles which are the corsets of our spine.
And here is the point: you must strengthen your back muscles and your core – nothing you can do about that. Weight exercises, not too heavy, guarantees the best results!
I see it again and again.
So I was thinking it would be a good idea to get in touch with a friend of mine, Marcus McDougle, former Miami Dolphin Player. How is he doing with his back with 6’7? How does he stay healthy after his active carrier? And: who is winning the Superbowl on February 7, 2016 ??
You want to know the answers, tune in this Friday to my Show, LIVE:
Friday, February 05 , 2016 at 1 pm ET LIVE (replay Sunday 7 pm EST) on Conny’s Health Radio Show

Topic: FOOTBALL and other Sports : how does your Back react?
My guests are  Dr.Ashley Whitford, Owner of Life First Chiropractic and
                          Marcus McDougle, former DOLPHIN Player, by phone 
Tune in to hear how different kind of sports improve your back, support your spine and also can hurt it if you workout in the wrong way.
We will have a live interview with Marcus by phone, how he is doing after his active NFL carrier – and what he thinks about the SUPER BALL this Sunday.
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