There are millions of Personal Trainers (PT) around. All certified. But do they really know what they are doing? Most of the time they do not.

Here is your list you have to go through when you decide to work with a PT:

Certified Personal Trainer means: he was able to pay the certification fees without declined credit card. You need to check much more than just a certification:

  • PT in big chain Fitness Clubs: they get paid around $ 8-9 for 30 min and around $ 17 for – how much individual treatment do you expect for that money?
  • average prices: 30 min – around $ 30-40 and 60 min around $ 70-90 (big cities higher – you make more money there too)
  • small, privately owned Gyms are always better for PT
  • always choose a PT who is around your age. Only trainers who know from their own experience what you are going through are able to workout with you in the correct
  • very sexy PT : you are looking for somebody for sex or to workout with? You need to make a decision!
  • ask the PT how many years he/she is working out? This is very important: the longer he/she is exercising the better he/she knows the single correct movements without injuring you
  • your PT is texting all the time – an absolute NO NO!
  • your PT is talking all the time? Recommend her a Psychiatrist. You pay HER to workoout!
  • Condo Gym/Private Gym in your home: call a PT who has flexible times and a great reputation
  • No Money for PT? But you have money for alcohol, cigarettes, McDonald’s, nail salon… That’s BS and you know it! Change your priorities: Health First!
  • Your decision: you can pay today a PT and stay healthy or you pay tomorrow your co payments for doctors and treatments like chemo! YOUR CHOICE!


But when you found your PT soulmate and yes, that happens, you will enjoy your workout very much, you will look forward to your special PT days and you will feel energized, healthy and happy!

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