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Conny’s “Reboot Your Health Today” Show

“Reboot Your Health” is about information and news from all over the world concerning Nutrition, Health, Fitness, Wellness and Environmental Topics. Conny’s background as Economist (University of Heidelberg, Germany) and IFBB Fitness German-European and World Champion are giving her a unique, critical way to look at these topics. The Show is educational, funny, motivating and eye opening. It will put a big smile on your face.

Tune in on Friday’s at 1 pm ET to my Youtube LIVE Channel “Conny Gyura”

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We offer a variety of affordable sponsor ships on Conny’s “Reboot Your Health Today” Show: Call for an appointment and let’s see how we can promote your business, your services and products while improving our listeners’ lives. Contact Us: 954 849 0466.

I am regularly ( four times a year) on Conny’s IN THE MIX Show because it is so important to emphasize exercising as a natural aphrodisiac for men AND for women. Leakage problems in advanced age can even disappear with special workouts. Conny‘s Show is so motivating and energizing – I really enjoy being on the show. Follow up callers guaranteed!

Curtis Bernsley

MD, Boca Urology

Conny’s IN THE MIX Show gives me a unique exposure to listeners who would like to improve their health. Conny as a Host finds a great balance between educating people about environment, health and fitness AND for me as a Specialist an advertising tool for my business Alternative Realization Hypnotherapy. She calls it “edu-mercial – educational commercial”. I am on Conny’s Show every 2 Month and I get after the show 2-3 new patients who want to change their lives, starting with Hypnotherapy to work on their mind set. Thanks Conny for this possibility to present LIVE ON AIR what I love to do: helping people through Hypnotherapy.

Guillermo Leon

Med. Hypnotherapist, Alternative Realization Hypnotherapy