I am gaining every December 4-6 pounds…my Mom is coming from Germany for 3 weeks and the food is just to die for. So when she is leaving I put myself on a 6 day regiment of Juicing, Monday till Saturday.

I just started yesterday. I mix vegetables with fruits – in the morning even bananas, strawberries and pineapple, over lunch more greens and for dinner a pure green juice :-(( or a salad, what I prefer, because I like to chew. My first juicing day is always fine, the second and third day, Tuesday and Wednesday,  are the hardest. I feel weak, I have headaches from the missing sugar and caffeine.

I even feel aggressive – especially when I have to listen to some of my clients telling me “not be able to lose weight”. Their next sentence is ” I had migraines, I could not power walk”. Hm, sounds like denying sex, when you are married for 10+ years …..same argument….. I don’t know how YOU lose your “December Weight”, but this 6 days bring me back to my regular body weight, I get rid of my cravings and I feel so much better and stronger after this Juicing week when I am pumping weights.

The following week I am back on my healthy nutrition without alcohol and sweats. Saturday or Sundays I am normally in for “Restaurant Food” and 2-3 pieces of cake. Working out 5 times a week with weights + cardio for 30 minutes guarantees me to stay in shape till next December 2016….till my Mom comes back :-).