I am watching today 05/27/2016 CBS News, and there it is again. This time on US soil: the super bug which has a gene that makes it completely resistant to all antibiotics. I think sometimes our MDs, our Pharmaceutical Industries and the Government too are deaf, completely deaf. The danger of an epidemic is so big and nobody is moving.

You are sneezing, running to the doctor and there it is: antibiotics (almost for free). The doctor did not even look at if it is a virus – antibiotics just work on bacteria – or a bacteria. And why do you think evolution developed an unbelievable strong human immune system? You are supposed to fight illnesses on your own, without drugs. An illness makes your own immune system even stronger. It is like exercising a muscle, after workout (illness) the muscle adapts to the workout and gets stronger. Same thing with your immune system. The Antibiotics are supposed to be used when the body is not able to deal with the illness anymore. That’s all.

If you use Antibiotics this drug will kill ALL bacteria – the necessary ones in your gut and colon too! And bacteria are very very intelligent: they are adapting to antibiotics by changing their gene pool, so next time they will be resistant to it. That is the danger. Also: life stock gets fed with antibiotics before they are even ill, just for prevention reasons! That means: ONLY BY ORGANIC ! You eat chicken and beef who got antibiotics you get it indirectly through their meat!

And in case you are wondering why US business are not the top researchers in new Antibiotics? They stopped almost every Research and Development years ago because the profits are not that high as in Alzheimer Therapy, Cholesterol, and Blood Pressure Medication. You are done with antibiotics after 10 days, but with Cholesterol drugs you are normally in for the rest of your life! Or: you change your lifestyle, what most people are not doing. Pop a pill. It is easier!

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