I am listening to all the ads on TV, Radio, etc what you NEED to buy to be in great shape. And I am fuming! It is such a lie! It is really easy to stay in shape, even when you are over 40.  The hardest part is the adjustment back to real food and not that garbage ready food what we eat.

My recommendation:

A) FOOD – makes 70% of your Shape

1.step: you need to get rid of your addictions: coffee, Monster/Red Bull, Sweets, Alcohol, Salt. I found my way ( I am a sugar addict) through 6 days of Juicing. Beside losing 5-6 pounds you will completely readjust your tastebuttons on your tongue. You will taste food, fruits and vegetables much more intensely. The hardest part and you MUST survive that, are the first 3 days. You will have headaches from withdrawal. You will be surprised how addicted you are (I was shocked too). The 4th day your energy level starts to rise and you will start feeling much lighter because your digestion and your metabolism will kick into high gear. Watch how much you poop even so you are eating just fruits, vegetables and nuts. Your body gets rid of everything unhealthy, stored in your body for such a long time.

If you have to work it is a good idea to start with the Juicing on a Friday so you get the headaches on Saturday/Sunday and you feel great again on Monday.

2.step: When you finish your Juicing Detox on the 6th day you have to be ready for your food adjustments: oatmeal, eggs, fruits , coffee for breakfast, apples, grapes in the morning around 10.30 am, lunch: grilled meat, fish, whole wheat pasta or rice on a breakfast plate ( not to oversize your lunch), afternoon: nut mix with dried fruits 2 hand full, maybe a decaf coffee if you like, dinner: endless salads, tomatoes, 1 avocado, onions. I take one day off a week from my diet and eat my beloved chocolate and go out for some fried food – yes, I like that too :-). A lot of times I think the restaurant food is much too salty, and the fried food feels like heavy stones in my stomach – that’s how I pay for my urge to eat “garbage”.

Monday I am back to normal. I am not gaining a single pound from my Sunday Indulging because my metabolism is on high gear from all that healthy food from Monday till Saturday – and I LOVE that. I am in great shape, and everybody of my clients who joined me with my change of nutrition are all now in great shape.   I don’t take any supplements because nature gives you everything what you need. I promise.

B) Fitness Part

You need to find something what you enjoy doing, for example 3-4 times a week for 30 Min Power Walking with your husband or friends – “Socializing on the Go”, Gym, Bicycle, Classes, whatever you like.  This covers the rest of  30% of your Body shape AND the health of your organs. This is YOUR investment into health. It is a way to do the most what you can do to avoid cancer and other illnesses like diabetes, cholesterol, obesity and high blood pressure!

Welcome to the NEW YOU! Get started TODAY! TODAY is the DAY!