One of my Personal Training Clients just decided to go for Plastic Surgery AND…. for Invisalign Braces. You know why? Because his Orthodontist “sold” her that her life long moving teeth would produce now wrinkles if she would not wear Invisalign Braces. SHE IS 70 YEARS old/young!!!! Can you believe this…. a DMD who is is bullshiting  a wealthy client, because he knows she is vain and has money. Very sad. And even worse: she decided to go for it.

So let me tell you how I see this:  I am 49.5  years old – never had Botox or Plastic Surgery: I eat  a lot of fruits and vegetables (which  counts for around 50% of your skin quality) , I am working out a lot outside to get fresh air in my system which increases metabolism in every single cell to recover and to reproduce faster (which counts  I would say for 30% of skin quality). I use Sisley Emulsion Ecologique for my skin, Kanebo Sensai as eye cream and organic rose water before bed time since 25 years (10%).  And then there is genetics…I am blessed from my Mother with good genes (another 10%).

Result: everybody thinks I am around 42. I am very happy with that. I hate frozen faces – and, believe me, everybody makes fun of you. I hear it all the time! What does that mean? TOO MUCH BOTOX! To much from everything! Completely overdone!

That’s why it is so important to go to the best Plastic Surgeon and not to “buy one procedure – get one 50% off” in case you decide you would like to have something done. The Plastic Surgeon is an Artist, your face is his art. And you need the best. You have just one face and one body. If he screws up you are done! You will be ridiculed, you will look like the attached picture. Read your Surgeons reviews, recommendations, talk to his patients, go on Angie’s List for Doctors and read his reviews there. And then you make your decision. The best surgery is when nobody sees it , when you look just young, healthy and natural.

Oh, and by the way: you want to make some money of beauty obsessed people? There is a stock that will increase for sure: AGN (Allergan). While I am writing this, the stock price is $ 253 ( date:

08/05/2016) Allergan is the producer of Botox and has some new pharmaceuticals in their pipeline. That’s where I put my money – instead of Botox and surgeries :-)).

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