I am so fed up by listening to “New Year’s Resolutions” like weight loss, stop smoking, healthy living, etc It is the same every year and after 4-6 weeks everybody is back to same as 2015.

Resolutions ARE NOT WORKING ! You have to put your mind on TRANSFORMATION. That means you develop your own individual way to reach a target, slowly, by changing your habit(s).

Transformation can mean changing jobs, food, a new apartment, a split from your partner, ending so called friendships, new hair style, new life targets, etc. It means getting rid of thinks and people which/who are dragging you down emotionally and physically. When you decide to transform yourself you realize that your energy level will increase. You will feel light, free and energized.

Transformation  always means the end of something, the end of something old. You feel sad to leave something what is familiar. Everything new is scary because it IS NEW. But that is the only way t to transform yourself, to step forward, to get rid of the past. Take a risk…it will be worth it!

I invited Lucia Scalia to my Transformation Show on 01/01/2016 because she is a”Transformation Expert”.

Friday, January 01, 2016 at 1 pm EST (replay Sunday 7 pm EST) on Conny’s Health Radio Show

Topic: Transformation 2016

My guest is  Lucia Scalia, Owner of Be Beautiful Salon, and a  Psychological Transformation Expert
Tune in to hear what we mean with “Transformation 2016” – and we are not talking about “New Year’s Resolutions” – which do not work anyway…and you know it. Be inspired, think about what we have to say and make your personal decisions. You will love this Show: it is very personal for everybody who is listening on WNN AM 1470 between Palm Beach and Miami, on your I-Heart Radio App nation wide or listen live on the Radio Stations website worldwide http://wwnnradio.com/listen-live/.
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